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Mission & Vision

The most recent demographic data from the Texas Education Agency reports that in 2012, almost 48 percent of all students with disabilities were Hispanic/Latino (and almost 50 percent for ages 3-5 years). These figures are likely to increase over time as the Latino population continues to grow.

According to the Pew Research Center, the Latino population, already the nation’s largest minority group, will triple in size and will account for most of the nation’s population growth from 2005 to 2050. Hispanics will make up 29 percent of the U.S. population in 2050, compared with 14 percent in 2005.” The Texas Education Agency reports that more than 850,000 students are identified as limited English proficient. To address this need, Project SUPERB prepares culturally competent bilingual school psychologists to provide a wide range of services to culturally and linguistically diverse children.